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Open Source

Customer Relationship Management

A strong Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system will help you build relatonships with your customers.  We fully embrace the community edition of SugarCRM. ITA's CRM offering coupled with Dimdim video conferencing will enable you to deliver, track, and coordinate webinar contact with your collaborators.  A few highlights:

Content Management System

A competent Content Management System (CMS) helps you establish and maintain a meaningful presence on the Internet.  ITA fully embraces Drupal CMS. 

well known - books and consultants available

vast array of functionality

straightforward to enable you and your community members whom you select to improve content - no more waiting for flaky Fred the web guy

large community of experts - security, customization, and leveraging cutting edge trends

Open Source Software

We fully embrace Open Source and earn our income by helping you leverage its benefits. 

low entry cost

no vendor lock in

evolving through vibrant communities of users and developers

more easily integrated with other systems and your processes

Information Strategy

We understand the need to differentiate yourself from competitors.  Processing information well, streamlining operations, and incorporating new knowledge is key to success.  We will help you employ open source software in innovative ways and leverage your 'secret sauce' via custom development.


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