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We fully embrace the Agile approach to accomplishing.  This flexible customer focused out come oriented strategy allows use to bettter serve our customers. 

We conduct regular scrum meetings and leverage extreme programming.


Software development is hard. There are two principle paradigms intended to make it easier. CASE (Computer Assisted Software Engineering) systems seeks to exploit common patterns and machine generate explicit code to handle each process. Object Oriented systems seek to exploit common patterns and handle each process by reusing those common patterns. Correctness and reliability are vital to the success of software systems. A common strategy to ensure these is to test the system after development. The two principle development paradigms offer different strategies.

Changes late in the cycle!?!?! GREAT!

Changes, especially those late in the software development life cycle (SDLC), are a favorite bogey man.  Changes are problematic(a convenient excuse) for weak rigid teams and welcome for stronger Agile teams.
Changes late in the cycle are OK for strong Agile teams because both the management and software itself are Agile and able to accommodate changes - new ways of doing things.

Information Strategy

We understand the need to differentiate yourself from competitors.  Processing information well, streamlining operations, and incorporating new knowledge is key to success.  We will help you employ open source software in innovative ways and leverage your 'secret sauce' via custom development.


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