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I like other services better.

It is silly not to think and work mostly toward making a relationship successful.  It is irresponsible not to think some about how to deal with break up.

Your data will be available in standard accessible form. Drupal CMS, SugarCRM, Google Calendar, ...

You will not be locked in to ITA or any other vendor.

Making it fairly easy to part ways exercises a wholesome discipline on both parties.

Where's my stuff?

in the cloud

somewhat less private - hackers vs. thieves

more accessible

more secure


Content Management System

A competent Content Management System (CMS) helps you establish and maintain a meaningful presence on the Internet.  ITA fully embraces Drupal CMS. 

well known - books and consultants available

vast array of functionality

straightforward to enable you and your community members whom you select to improve content - no more waiting for flaky Fred the web guy

large community of experts - security, customization, and leveraging cutting edge trends

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