Changes late in the cycle!?!?! GREAT!

Changes, especially those late in the software development life cycle (SDLC), are a favorite bogey man.  Changes are problematic(a convenient excuse) for weak rigid teams and welcome for stronger Agile teams.
Changes late in the cycle are OK for strong Agile teams because both the management and software itself are Agile and able to accommodate changes - new ways of doing things.
Changes late in the cycle are GOOD for strong Agile teams because, more likely than not, two or more poor requirements can be satisfied with one better one.  This makes the team and information system lighter and even more Agile;  better able to accommodate new knowledge.
Changes late in the cycle are GREAT! for strong Agile teams because it reflects, both for the team and the customer, a better understanding how to add value to the underlying business processes.  This is the whole point of information system development.  The customer and team have spent some time seeking ways to add value and have seen some of the information system in practice.  Understanding takes time and some actual practice and will inevitably occur later in the cycle. The team has learned more about the underlying business practices they are trying to enhance and the customer has learned better how technology can help them achieve their goals.  A strong Agile team will leverage this knowledge to add more value, not use it as an excuse or try to stifle it.